This is how we work greener

We are a comunnity aware company!
That's why we believe it is important to have a clear and well formulated environmental policy as support for management a staff but aswell as a guarantee to you as a guest. This is our environmental policy:

"Hotell Wilhelmina is going to take the lead in the hospitaliy industry i Västerbotten and become the leader of our region in eco-concious actions!"
We actively and consistently work to reduce the load on the environment and create a
sustainable society.

We actively work to reduce the strain on the environment and create a sustainable society. The work is well thought out, long term and encompasses the whole company. The work is documented and followed up. Given that we are eco-concious in our day-to-day operation we carry that mindset with us in every decision so that we can reduce energy use, the amount of garbage and emissions aswell as steer towards a more sustainable world.

We keep contributing to a more sustainable society locally and globally, when you stay with us you too contribute towards a more eco-friendly society.

More about our environmental work!
All work within the company promotes the health of staff and contributes to sustainability, where economic use of resources and adaptation to the 3 R's is guiding.

We economize our use of resources including energy.
We actively work to reduce negative impact on the environment from products used in the daily operation of the company. We priorotize products with green certifications.
We give deliberate before we make decisions on all levels, consequences on health and environment, for example with planning, budgets and contracts with other companies.
In accordance with our environmental work we also do the following:

Since 2008 we offer digital conference spaces as an alternative to normal conferences that often requires participats to travel far
Replacing all broken lightbulbs with new energy efficient light bulbs.
We use distict heating (Fjärrvärme in Swedish)
We have replaced all cleaning solutions with environmentally friendly alternatives, first and foremost swedish old style soap (såpa in Swedish)
Lowered the indoor temperature with two degrees celcius.
Sealed all leaking faucets.
Adjusted thermostats in all rooms.
Replaced old refrigerators.
We buy locally sourced food to the greatest possible extent.
We sort waste and recycle.
We bake our own bread.
We buy products in recycled packaging.
We hire local contractors.
We use an environmentally friendly refill-system for our soap.