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Since the grand opening of Hotell Wilhelmina on New Years Eve 1964 has the hotel been synonymous with first class service, delicious food and an atmosphere influenced by the forest and mountains as well as relaxation and entertainment.

Hotell Wilhelmina is an independent family owned hotel. We do not belong to any chain of hotels but do have our own bonus system. The standard and service at the hotel is of very high quality.


A room or a suite? Hotell Wilhelmina has 64 rooms. We have separate rooms for those with allergy and rooms designed for disabled persons. All our rooms are spacious and tastefully furnished. An extra bonus is the splendid view of lake Volgsjö and of Mount Blaikfjäll.

Hotelroom at Hotell Wilhelmina

Our rooms

Hotelroom at Hotell WilhelminaHotell Wilhelmina has 64 rooms, a total of 128 beds. Special rooms for those with allergy as well as rooms designed for disabled persons.


Facilities: Room service, 24hours phone service, cable TV & information channel and free access to wireless high speed internet.


Services: Spa, gym, massage, Zone therapy, laundry, a gift shop and a Concierge to your assistance for smaller tasks, travel planning and ticket reservation.

Prices 2016

Room Prices weekdays Included Prices weekends & summer Included
Breakfast include.
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Few places are as suitable for a conference as Hotell Wilhelmina. Beautifully located in the hart of Lapland but still only two hours by plane from Arlanda airport gives you the opportunity for creative and rewarding meetings.


Hotell Wilhelmina has a restaurant, a bistro, two bars and a nightclub. There is also a chambre separée. It is common knowledge that the cuisine at Hotell Wilhelmina is delicious and the restaurant has also received awards for its cuisine. We use local produce and prepare everything from scratch. During the years we have proudly served royalties, at weddings, conferences and of course hungry lunch guests.

Opening hours


Weekdays 06.30 - 09.30
Weekend 08.00 - 10.30


Weekdays 11.00 - 20.30
Saturday 12.00 - 21.00
Sunday 12.00 - 19.00


Hotell Wilhelmina offers a vide range of activities for both the individual traveller and for groups as well as for incentive groups.

On this page you can find examples of activities much appreciated by our guests. Please contact us for program and prices.

At the hotel we have our own guide who is happy to accompany your tourist-coach up to the magnificent Vilhelmina mountain range.

Year-round Activities

Groups: There are additional Spa- & Relax alternatives for groups. Please contact the Hotell Wilhelmina for further information. Examples are:

  • Active rest. Coached relaxation to decrease stress.
  • Aroma sauna. Relaxing, revitalising or inspiring? You choose theme.
  • A Food experience. We arrange a gastronomic venue of taste for your conference or group.
  • Sami culture. A visit to the Sami gallery in Vilhelmina Church town.
  • Sport & Fitness. We have a wide range of activities with everything from Nordic walking, strenuous spinning, Step-up, Power Box, Core and Strength training to relaxing breathing exercises and massage.

Winter Activities

  • Snowmobile ? In groups with a guide or on your own by the trail map.
  • Ice rally ? suitable for both groups and for individual guests. At the ice course you can also drive Crosscart, which is another suitable group activity.
  • Outdoor bath in a wood heated wooden bath tube.
  • Sport & Fitness - We can offer you everything from easy alpine skiing at Granbergsbacken, cross country skiing, Nordic walking, tough spinning, Step-up, Power Box, Core, Strength training to relaxing breathing exercises and massage.
  • Ice fishing ? Try fishing on the frozen lake Volgsjön: rod, bait and a pre drilled holes just 200m from the hotel. Food will be delivered to the lake.

Summer Activities

  • Moose safari & Beaver safari
  • Biking - Guided MTB-tour.
  • Motor - Guided tours or a trip on your own with quads.
  • Canoes & kayaks to rent for your own excursions.
  • Picnic ? Have a cosy picnic in the beautiful surroundings of Vilhelmina. Maps & packed lunch can be ordered at the hotel.
  • A tennis court is adjacent to Hotel Wilhelmina.
  • The country shop, step into the 1920s by visiting the old country shop on Storgatan at the Church town.
  • Museum, visit the interesting museum of Vilhelmina and learn more about the local prehistory, the Sami culture, the life of the settlers and the emigration.
  • The Salt room, breath easier with a salt room treatment that increases your cardio-respiratory fitness and clear your respiratory organs. Good also for allergy symptoms and skin problems.
  • Wilma Natureproducts, a visit to the production site at Nedre Malgonäs outside Vilhelmina. See the manufacturing of some of their products as well as a slideshow.


The Hotell Wilhelmina Spa & Relax concept is based on the notion of well-being. Consequently, we have gathered pleasure, wellness, spa treatments, exercise and good healthy food at the same place.



Vilhelmina is located in the heart of southern Lapland, in the district of Västerbotten, 230 km from Umeå and 690 km from Stockholm. By air from Arlanda airport to Vilhelmina it will take no longer than 2 hours.

Address and contact information

Hotell Wilhelmina . Volgsjövägen 16 . 912 34 Vilhelmina . Sweden
Tfn +46 (0) 940 - 55420 . Fax +46 (0) 940 - 10156
info@hotellwilhelmina.se . www.hotellwilhelmina.se

We wish to keep in contact with our customers, therefore you can find comments from our guests, news and information about special offers and events on our website.

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